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How does payout timing work on Melon?
How does payout timing work on Melon?

The timing for Melon charges and payouts

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Charging the split initiator (aka the creator)

Melon identifies a deposit from the platform while it is still pending. This ensures that we can initiate the charge quickly once it successfully clears.

Melon scans for successful platform deposits multiple times per day, so the charge will be initiated within hours of landing in the split initiator's bank account.

The ACH transfer

Once the split initiator is charged, it takes four business days for the funds to fully clear.

Agency Payout

Melon initiates agency payouts each Thursday at 12pm PT. Any balance that has fully cleared the ACH window by this time will be paid out.

Any transfers that don't fully clear by Thursday at 12pm PT will be paid out the following Thursday.

Example Scenario

  • Harley Quinn initiates a platform cashout on Sunday night (6/24)

  • Melon sees the pending charge on Monday morning (6/24)

  • The deposit lands in Harley's account on Tuesday morning (6/27)

  • Melon initiates a charge for the amount owed based on the split percentage (6/27)

  • The ACH transfer is available after 4 business days, on Monday (7/3)

  • The agency payout is initiated Thursday at 12pm PST (7/6)

  • The funds will fully deposit into the agency account on Friday morning (7/7)

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