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What is a Referral Split?
What is a Referral Split?

Using Melon to pay out referral partners

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Did you know that you can use Melon to discretely split your portion of a Melon split with people who refer you clients?

We call this our Referral Split feature, and agencies use it to simplify payouts to people who've referred them business.

What's a referral?

Many agencies offer incentives for referrals made to clients who end up working with the agency.

The terms are typically something like, "I'll give you 10% of our revenues from this creator for the next 12 months."

Then, once a month, the agency will review how much the agency made from the client that was referred, and will pay the person who referred the model.

Referral Splits on Melon

With a referral split on Melon, simply add the person who referred your new client as a referral partner and set the terms of the referral:

  • The % they're set to receive from your agency's earnings

  • The timeframe that the referral split should pay out (this can be indefinite or have a set end date)

Next, the referral partner needs to create a Melon account and complete their KYC information.

Once the referral split is created, the referral partner will receive weekly payouts based on the referral split rules that were set.

They will also have access to a dashboard that shows the amount they've been paid out and what they're owed in the next referral payout.

None of this is visible to the creator who's on the split. The referral split details are only visible to the agency and the referral partner.

How to set up a Referral Split

To create a referral split, click the "+ Create split" button in the Melon dashboard and select "Referral split"

This form will trigger an invite email to the referral recipient. Once they create a Melon account and link their bank they'll start getting paid their cut from the related splits!

Referral Split Fees

Referral recipients are charged 2% of the amount transferred to them using Melon. There's no additional cost to the agencies sending money to referral recipients.

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