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How does Melon work?
How does Melon work?

How charges and payouts work on Melon

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Melon enables content creators to split revenue from a platform (like OF) with their teams and collaborators. We do this without requiring users to switch bank accounts or provide direct access to their social media platforms.

First, a split is created by an agency. This is an agreement for a creator to split a percentage of their OF earnings with the agency.

When a split is created, an invitation is sent to the creator. The creator must set up their account on Melon and securely connect their bank account using Plaid to accept the invite.

Once the creator accepts the invite and onboards to Melon, the platform will begin splitting revenue earned from OF and automatically pay the agency the percentage that was agreed upon when the split was created.

When the creator gets a new deposit to their bank account from OF, Melon will charge the creator the amount that is owed to the agency, per the split percentage. So the creator gets paid their full deposit, but is charged shortly after the deposit lands in their bank.

Melon then transfers the money to the agency, who gets paid out once a week from any splits that have run during the previous week.

As an example:

Harley Quinn (a creator) accepts to split 30% of their OF revenue with BDE Agency.

Harley gets a deposit of $1,000 from OF.

She's then charged $300 by Melon, which is transferred directly to the agency, less Melon's fees.

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