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How to create a Split on Melon
How to create a Split on Melon

Setting up splits to automate payouts

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To start receiving money on Melon, you must first create a split with your creator(s). This article walks through the steps to successfully set up your first split.

Step 1

Click the green "Create split" button in the bottom left side of your Melon dashboard

Step 2

Complete the fields in the form that pops up. To successfully create the split, you'll need to include the following information:

  1. Split Name - make this something that's easy to distinguish between your different creators. We suggest using their OF display name

  2. Split Start Date - this is the date that Melon will use to begin running the split. Melon will begin splitting revenue from any OF cashouts on or after this date

  3. Creator Email Address - your agency's info (Gorgeous Chapel below) is automatically added. Use any email you have on file for the creator, as they can update their email address when they create their Melon account

  4. Split Percentages - update the percentages for both your agency and the creator to represent the contracted split amount

Press Continue once you're done filling out these details.

Step 3

Only one more step!

The split owner should always be the creator. This is the default, but if you create a split with multiple participants, you can use this dropdown to make sure the creator is the Split Owner.

The "Do you want to send automatic emails to new users" prompt defaults to Yes. If you select this option, Melon will automatically send the Split invite via email to the creator. If you choose No, we'll email the agency owner the creator's invite link.

Step 4

Click "Create split" and you're all set! You should see the split details in your Pending Splits page in the dashboard. Once the creator sets up their Melon account and links their bank, the split will become active.

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