How to become a Melon affiliate

Make money for referring agencies to Melon

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Did you know you can get paid for referring agencies to Melon?

The Melon affiliate program will pay you 10% of Melon's revenue for any agency who signs up using your unique affiliate link for a full year!

It's super easy to become an affiliate...

Step 1

Log into your Melon account

Step 2

Click the Gear (settings) icon and go to the "Affiliate" page

Step 3

Create your unique affiliate link (note: this will default to your Melon display name, but can be changed to whatever you'd like)

Step 4

Press submit and confirm your custom link

Step 5

Just copy your affiliate link and send it to the agency you'd like to sign up

Step 6

You'll automatically be credited as the affiliate, and will begin receiving your cut of Melon's revenue once the agency you refer starts creating splits!

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