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How the flow of funds works on Melon
How the flow of funds works on Melon

When creators get charged and split recipients get paid out

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Charging Creators (same day as OF deposit)

Melon issues charges to creators on the same day they receive a deposit in their bank from their OnlyFans account. Whether a creator’s OF cashouts are manual or automatic, daily, weekly, or monthly, Melon will see the deposit and initiate a charge based on the percentage your agency is owed from that split.

Creators will see “Melon paid your team!” on their bank statement. They can also log into their Melon dashboard at any time to see their cashout and payout history.

Transferring Funds (~4 business days)

Once a creator is charged by Melon, the funds are transferred to your agency via ACH. This process takes 4 business days before the funds become available to pay out.

Agency Payouts (weekly on Friday)

Each Friday, your agency will receive one lump payout from all of your splits that have fully processed from the previous week. The cutoff time for the weekly payouts is Thursday at 3pm EST. Any split payouts that haven’t fully processed by that time will automatically be paid out on the following Friday.

The weekly payouts will show on your bank statement as “Melon paid you out!”

Referral/Third-party Payouts (weekly on Friday; 1 week after agency payout)

In addition to splitting creator earnings (money to your agency), Melon also enables you to automatically pay out third-parties a percentage of your earnings from a particular split (money from your agency).

These are most commonly used for referral partners (people who help you sign new creators) and outsourced chat teams.

Once a referral split is connected to a creator split, the third-party gets paid out one week after your agency gets paid. This is because Melon is automatically initiating another ACH transfer to the third-party from your agency. Third-party splits also pay out each Friday.

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