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Melon weekly transaction reports
Melon weekly transaction reports

What are the weekly reports I receive from Melon?

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Every Monday, your agency will receive an email with an attached excel spreadsheet. This report lists every transaction from every creator that made up your previous week’s agency payout. If applicable, the weekly reconciliation report also includes details about referral payouts made from you to third-parties during the previous week’s payout cycle.

These reports save agency teams and accountants hours per week on bookkeeping.

The old way: Log into every creator’s OF account to check their earnings, figure out your cut, then figure out how much you need to send any third-parties. Then you had to produce invoices for creators and send receipts to third-parties.

The new way: Automatically get paid weekly by your creators, automatically pay the right percentage to third-parties, then receive a weekly report showing all of those transactions. Easy peasy.

note: the weekly report is automatically sent to the email address you have on file with Melon. If you'd like to include additional recipients (like freelance accountants) on the report emails, contact the Melon support team.

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