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How to set up a split and invite creators, referrals, and additional participants

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Now that your bank account is linked and your KYC information is updated, it’s time to create your first split! To get started just click the “+ Create Split” button in the bottom left corner of the Melon dashboard.

You’ll be prompted with two options for which type of split you’ll create:

  1. A Creator Split: a standard split for you to receive a percentage of a creator’s platform earnings

  2. A Referral Split: a split that enables you to pay a percentage of your earnings from a split to a third-party (like a referral partner or chat team)

For now, we’ll focus on creator splits.

To create your split, follow the prompts in the split creation form. Some pro tips to make your life easier down the road…

Creator Splits: Pro Tips

Split Name: As your roster on Melon grows, it’s helpful to have distinct split names to help you navigate between splits in the dashboard. We suggest using this naming convention:

“@OFhandle Legal Name Platform”

So, for example, it would look like this:

“@harleyquinnxxx Margot Robinson OnlyFans”

Split Start Date: This is the date that Melon will begin looking for OnlyFans deposits and charging creators (as long as the creator has accepted the invite and linked their bank account).

When setting the start date for your split, consider the following:

Once the split is active, Melon will automatically begin charging creators for the percentage of their cashout that you’re owed. Take into account the creator’s pending and available balances on OnlyFans to ensure that the first cashout being split hasn’t already been paid via invoice.

If the split you’re creating is with a creator who’s new to your agency but has a current balance on OnlyFans that you shouldn’t split, be sure to set the split start date far enough in the future that those balances are cleared. This ensures you won’t charge the creator for any funds earned before your new contract date.

Split Percentages: Did you know that Melon can handle splits with multiple participants? This is commonly used to split earnings between an agency and the account manager who runs that account.

To add additional participants to the split, click the + icon, add the additional party’s email address and ensure all of the split percentages are correct.

Automatic Emails: To activate a split, the creator needs to accept a split invite and link their bank account. You have two options to invite the creator to the split.

  • Option 1: if you select “Yes”, Melon will send an email invite to the creator’s (and any additional participant’s) email address listed on the split.

  • Option 2: if you select “No”, Melon will send you an email invite to the creator’s (and any additional participant’s) email address listed on the split.

Referral Split: If you’d like to split a percentage of your earnings from this split with any additional participants you can immediately set that up. If you know you plan to add a third-party to the split, we suggest doing this at the time you create the split to make your life simpler.

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