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Create a Referral/Third-Party Split
Create a Referral/Third-Party Split

How to add a referral recipient to a split

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Referral splits allow you to split a percentage of your agency’s earnings from a specific split with an additional party. In addition to saving you lots of time on payouts to chat teams and referral partners, referral splits are discrete. Unlike on multi-participant splits, creators don’t see any referral recipients on their split.

Referral Splits: Pro Tips

Creating a referral split is super straightforward but here are some best practices to get you started!

Communication is key: if you’re transitioning third-parties from invoices and manual payments to Melon, it’s important that they know how to get started and when they can expect to get paid.

You’re splitting a percentage of your earnings, not the creator’s: when setting the referral split percentage, make sure it reflects a percentage of your agency’s cut from the split. This is how the funds will actually flow.

Leverage the end date: you can choose to include an end date for the referral split. If you select an end date, the referral payouts will automatically stop running after that date is reached.

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