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Learn the basics of the Melon dashboard to maximize your automatic payments

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The Melon dashboard is the hub where splits are managed, users are invited, payment history is logged, support is reached and where you can become a Melon affiliate. It’s important to have a strong understanding of how to navigate the platform to make the most of your experience using Melon.

The Home Page

This is the primary page you’ll see when logging into Melon. This page is empty until you link a bank account. Once an active bank account is connected to Melon, you’ll have full access to the home page and all other Melon features.

Analytics Cards

The analytics at the top of your home page give you a high-level overview of your agency’s status and history on Melon.

Total Split Earnings

The total amount of revenue your agency has earned since your Melon account was activated. This amount is cumulative and reflects the total funds transferred to your agency through Melon.

Your Active Splits

Your total number of active creator splits.

Last Payout

The total revenue your agency received during the last payout cycle.

Next Payout

The total rolling amount of revenue that has fully processed and is ready to pay out at the next payout cycle.

Activity Timeline

The activity timeline highlights successful charges made to the creators on your roster. In the timeline view you can see which creator is charged, how much they were charged, and the date of the charge. Note that payouts to your agency from these charges happen on a weekly basis.

Split Tabs


The Active tab shows every split that’s currently active and running on Melon. A split is active when the following criteria are met:

  1. The creator’s bank account is linked and we’re receiving data through our connection with Plaid

  2. The creator doesn’t have an active split with another agency

  3. All recipients (your agency and any additional participants) have all completed KYC and are able to receive funds


The Pending tab reflects two different types of pending splits:

Newly created splits: the creator hasn’t yet accepted the split invite and connected their bank account

When a newly created split is accepted by a creator and their bank account is successfully linked, the split will move into the Active tab and will no longer show up in the Pending tab.

Disrupted splits: the split was active but has run into an issue that prevents successful charges and payouts

Some examples of what may lead to a disrupted (Pending) split:

  • The creator’s bank account needs to be relinked to Plaid

  • The creator’s bank needs to be manually verified via a micro-deposit

  • One or more of the split recipients has not yet completed KYC

The Melon dashboard includes alerts and details to help diagnose why a split may be pending. You’ll also receive automatic emails from Melon support as soon as an active split becomes disrupted. This makes it much easier for you to keep track of your creators’ statuses on the platform.


The Canceled tab reflects any splits that are no longer active. You can still see all of the relevant details and history about canceled splits.


The Referral tab houses all of your referral/third-party splits. Use the Referral tab to monitor your payouts to third-parties without having to chase down invoices.

Split Details

The split details pages house everything related to an individual creator or referral split.


The Details tab includes key information about the split, including:

  • Split start date: when the split began running

  • Total split earnings: the total amount of revenue earned by your agency from this split

  • Agency amount owed: any unpaid balance that the creator owes your agency. Balances will only accrue if the creator has insufficient funds or if the split is otherwise disrupted

  • Split percentages: shows the current split percentage breakdown between the creator, your agency, and any other additional participants


The cashouts tab is where you’ll find a full history of the creator’s platform cashouts and the associated cut to your agency from that split. The cashout history is exportable as an excel sheet for easy data management.


The payouts tab shows every payout to your agency from the split. Where the cashout tab shows how much your agency is owed from a particular cashout, the Payouts tab shows the actual payouts to your agency through Melon.



Update how your agency info shows up for you and your creators on Melon.


Use this to swap bank accounts if you change the bank account or institution you want to have connected to Melon. This is also where you’ll relink your bank account if it becomes disconnected from Plaid for any reason.


Update your KYC information here.


A list of all of your active clients on Melon. This list includes their username, bank info and status on Melon. Please note that you cannot cancel splits from the Clients tab.

Additional Details

Sometimes our payment processors require additional information about Melon users. This section only needs to be updated if the Melon support team directly reaches out to you about including some of this additional info for our partners.

Help Center

The Melon Help Center houses all of our support articles and FAQs, along with additional information related to onboarding and other training materials. We highly recommend using the chat bubble at the bottom right corner of your Melon dashboard and Help Center to ask our team any questions or to surface relevant articles that may proactively answer your questions.


Did you know you can make passive income just for introducing other agencies to Melon? Our affiliate program offers 10% of Melon’s revenue from any agencies you bring to the platform for an entire year!

You have two ways to redeem credit for your affiliate introductions:

Share your custom link: In the Melon affiliate portal you can create your own custom invite link. When someone clicks your link, they’ll be routed to the Melon onboarding page and can schedule a call directly with our team to do a walkthrough.

Connect referrals to Melon via email: If you don’t have your custom affiliate link handy or want the agency you’re referring to have a custom walkthrough of the Melon platform, simply send an introduction email to [email protected]. Our team will onboard the new agency and ensure you receive credit for the introduction.

Affiliate earnings are uncapped, so the more agencies you invite to Melon, the more money you’ll earn!

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