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Verifying bank account with a micro-deposit
Verifying bank account with a micro-deposit

Using micro-deposits to link your bank account to Melon

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Melon uses Plaid to verify each user's bank account details before activating a split. Sometimes, Plaid can't automatically connect to the bank account without an additional manual step. This step is the micro-deposit.

What is a micro-deposit?

As the name implies, a micro-deposit is a small sum of money deposited (like $0.02) into the affected bank account. Once the micro-deposit successfully lands, the link between Plaid and Melon is completed.

Steps to Complete a Micro-Deposit

Step 1

The owner of the affected bank account logs into Melon and navigates to the Melon settings.

Step 2

Click on the "Micro-Deposit" tab and submit the routing and account numbers for the bank account connected to Melon. This will initiate the micro-deposit.

Step 3

Once the micro-deposit lands, the bank account should be linked and the split is activated. Any charges that were missed while the bank account wasn't linked will automatically be processed.

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