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What is a multi-participant split?
What is a multi-participant split?

How to add multiple recipients to a split

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Sometimes you'd like to split revenue across multiple parties. This is a great option to pay out account managers running individual creators' pages or for agencies with multiple bank accounts.

Note: everyone, including the creator, can see all participants on a multi-participant split. See our article about Referral Splits for info on more discreet payout options.

Creating a multi-participant split is as simple as creating a standard split!

Step 1

Click Create Split in the bottom-left corner of the Melon dashboard and fill out the split details. Click the + button to add additional participants

Step 2

Add the additional participant's email address and update the split percentages to the agreed upon cuts

Step 3

Click Continue and complete the rest of the split creation flow. All participants will receive a split invitation from Melon when you opt to notify them of their invite.

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