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What are pending splits?
What are pending splits?

Why splits may be pending and how to (re-)activate them

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The Pending tab in the Melon dashboard reflects two different types of pending splits.

Newly created splits: the creator hasn’t yet accepted the split invite and/or connected their bank account.

When a newly created split is accepted by a creator and their bank account is successfully linked, the split will move into the Active tab and will no longer show up in the Pending tab.

Disrupted splits: the split was active but has run into an issue that prevents successful charges and payouts

Some examples of what may lead to a disrupted (Pending) split:

  • The creator’s bank account needs to be relinked to Plaid

  • The creator’s bank needs to be manually verified via a micro-deposit

  • One or more of the split recipients has not yet completed KYC

The Melon dashboard includes alerts and details to help diagnose why a split may be pending. You’ll also receive automatic emails from Melon support as soon as an active split becomes disrupted. This makes it much easier for you to keep track of your creators’ statuses on the platform.

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